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How Long Do Press-On Nails Last?

by July Nails 06 Dec 2022

Press on nails is those fake nails used by glueing them on your natural nails. Several shapes available of these nails can fit your needs or your natural nail shape. These shapes may include almond, square, oval, round and many more.

Many people love different shapes of their nails but don't have one and are unhappy with their real nails. These nails can give those their favourite nail shape within no time. However, many people often ask how long they can wear these nails and how to make them stay longer. Here are the answers to these questions, which can clarify your doubts about these nails. 

Best press on nails

How Long Can You Wear These Nails?

Press on nails is the best choice for making your nails look like a fresh, professional manicure. These are highly beneficial when you don’t have enough time to go to the salon and get a proper manicure. Usually, these nails last for about two weeks. But, of course, this depends on how carefully you wear them.

Most people do not care much about their nails, so they find they last longer, for about five days. However, this is not for everyone; the nails last for two weeks. To make it last longer, there are some steps which you need to consider.

These nails are the best choice when you don’t have time to go for a manicure and want beautiful nails. Also, these take about 10 minutes to make your nails look like having freshly shaped. When you have these nails, you don't have to do acrylic for nails which also lasts for about the same time.

Ways to Make Nails Stay on Longer

As you know about the press on nails time period, you should also know how to make it stay longer. These nails are highly beneficial, but keeping them for long can be one of the hard things sometimes. So here are some ways through which you can wear these nails for longer than the usual time.

Maintaining Press on Nails Properly

One of the basic and essential things to do for keeping the nails for long is to maintain them well. When you keep the nails in good condition, then this can be the excellent thing you can do to make them stay longer. You can do some of the given things for its maintenance:

  • Try making a habit of checking your nails every morning. First, check each nail, and if you find any of them gets loose, just put a small drop of nail glue.
  • If you stay outside for a long time, you can carry nail buffer and glue along with you. This will help you whenever you need to maintain your nails.
  • One of the important things about the maintenance of nails is to keep your cuticles well moisturized. This will help in keeping the cuticles healthy and soft. When it gets dry, there are more chances of coming out of fake nails.
  • One of the great things you can do is to avoid putting your nails into water. When you keep your hands in water for a long time, then this will make it easy to remove the nails. So make sure that you avoid doing this as possible as you can.

Selecting the Nails and Glue

Another significant thing which you need to consider for making your nails stay for a more extended time period is to select the best nails and glue. The quality of the false nails plays an essential role in the overall longevity and look of the nails. For choosing the proper nails and glue, here are some steps you should consider.

  • The first thing you can consider is choosing the nails that give full coverage to your natural nails. So make sure that you choose nails that give coverage to the full fingernail and not only the tips.
  • You should choose those nails shaped per the curve or width of your real nails as the press-on nails come in several widths, so you can easily choose as per your natural nails.
  • When you choose short nails in place of long nails, then that results in more longevity. So if you want to keep the fake nails for a longer time period, then try picking short nails.
  • Along with the focus on nails, also consider the quality of glue. You should choose the glue which offers a strong hold. Try avoiding the use of adhesive stickers if you want to keep the nails for longer.

Prepping Real Nails

For the longevity of press-on nails, it's important to take care of your natural nails along with fake nails. When you consider caring for your real nails, then this will help a lot in making the fake nails stay for longer. You can prep your original nails by following some of the give tips:

  • Make sure you remove the old nail polish from your real nails before putting on the press nails. Then, just clean your nails using nail polish remover and clear the residues from the nails.
  • The set of press on contains more nails, and you need to choose the nail as per the size or width of your real nail.
  • Before putting on the fake nails, trim your original nails so the press-on nails can be applied correctly.

Applying Fake Nails Correctly

You should know that the fake nails can be adjusted to your real nails. When you apply these nails correctly, you can find them sticking for longer. Try filing the fake nails as per the shape of your natural nails. First, match the shape of the nails and then put them on. This will help greatly if you want your press-on nails to stay for a longer time period.

If you are thinking of using the press on nails, you should know about its basics. When you use these by knowing their usage, then you can get the most out of them. These can be the best choice for those who like to change their nails look more frequently.

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