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How to Apply Press-on Nails?

by July Nails 06 Dec 2022

Press-on nails are fake nails made up of acrylic resin or ABS plastics and are also known as glue nails because they are applied with the help of a special nail-fixing glue. These nails are especially for those women who love to get their nails done but can't always move to the salon.

Press-on nails can be applied in just a few minutes and last for at least two or three weeks. In addition, these nails give a perfect resemblance to the salon manicure, which makes them an excellent option for special events.

Despite their high-quality appearance, these glue nails come in various shapes and styles to perfectly match your original nails. Moreover, these nails are composed of acrylic and acrylic for nails provides a flawless look.

How to Apply Press-on Nails

Properly Prep Your Nails Before Applying

The first step to applying the press on nails is properly preparing your natural nails. For prepping natural nails, keep some of the nail tools handy:

  • Nail Paint Remover
  • Cuticle Clippers
  • Nail Filer
  • Wooden cuticle pusher stick
  • A bowl of warm water

Start with soaking your nails in warm water for some time, as it will soften the cuticles. Then push the cuticles back by using a wooden cuticle pusher stick. Then, clip up the extra cuticles with a cuticle clipper. Once done, cut or file the nails according to the size and shape you want. Lastly, use the nail paint remover to swipe off all the additional oils.

Choose Appropriate Press on Nail Sizes

Glue nails kit comes in various shapes and sizes to perfectly fit different nail beds. Generally, the appropriate press size on the nail is just a fraction smaller than the original nail beds. Try to avoid the too-big or too-small sizes than the original nails.

When you apply the exact press size on the original beds, they will appear as fake nails. This is because when the nails are bigger, they are more prone to breakage and damage. However, when the sizes of nails are too small, then extra spaces will be visible, making it look like fake nails.

In the nail kit, a size is written under every nail. So, use the sizes to find the perfect fit for the left and right hands. But sometimes the size does not match exactly the left and right-hand fingers. So, in this case, you can try out the other different sizes available in the kit.

Applying the Press-on Nails

Once you have picked out the appropriate nail sizes, set them in proper order before applying them. Next, apply small drops of nails glue on the natural nail bed and under the press-on nail. Then, firmly hold the nail straight and then lay the nail just above the cuticle line. After placing the nail above, do not press the nails hard to be glued.

Once the nails are correctly aligned, tap on nail beds gently to place them firmly. Next, use a wet cotton pad to wipe off the extra glue on the sides of the nails. Always ensure to remove the cotton pad back before the glue is dried. The cotton pad will stick to your hand if the glue is dry.

Clean Up After Applying

A little cleanup after adequately applying the nails helps them look more natural. For cleaning, file the press-on nails according to your natural nail shape with the help of a filer. Then, remove the excess glue under the nails with the help of cuticle clippers.

Lastly, wash your hands just with normal water. Avoid using harsh soap for washing your hands, as it can damage the nails. After washing your hands, you can flaunt your pretty nails. These nails last about 12-14 days without causing any problems. If, by chance, one or two nails pop out, then reapply the glue and fix it back.

How to Make Your Nails Lasts Long?

Usually, these nail lasts long for about two or three weeks. However, in the hands of some people, it only lasts for a short period. So, to make the press on nails long lasting you can follow these four tips:

  • Always use some alcohol-based nail paint remover to clean the oils and residue on the nails.
  • Use a strong adhesive nail fixing glue under the false nails and a few drops on the natural nail.
  • Gently put pressure on the nails for about 20 to 30 seconds after applying. This pressure allows the glue to spread over the nails and ensures a firmer grip.
  • Use a hardener nail polish coat to make nails look more natural. This nail polish also helps nails to stick better. Moreover, it also hardens the original nail surface, which makes the artificial nails more durable.

How to Make Press-on Nails Look Like Real Nails?

The best method to give your false nails a natural look is to choose the appropriate size and shape. Then, match the nails properly with each finger nails. Moreover, shaping the press-on nails accordingly will give them a flawless and natural look.

Once correctly applying the falsies, remember to polish them with a transparent nail polish top coat. However, if you have chosen matte nails, then skip the step to apply the transparent coat of nail polish.

How to Remove the Glue Nails?

Removing the press-on nails without causing any damage to the original nails is not difficult. Always remember one thing that doesn't pull the nails harshly. There are mainly two types of methods that you can use to remove fake nails:

Cuticle Oiling Method

Soak a cotton ball or pad in the cuticle oil and properly massage it on the nails. Let the oil work on the cuticles for a minute, and the false nails will come out quickly.

Double-Boiling Method

In this method, two bows are required. Fill one bowl with warm water, and in another bowl, fill the acetone. Now, place the acetone bowl inside the bowl of warm water. Once the acetone is warmed up, put your fingers in that double boiler for 5 to 10 minutes. As acetone is very dry, massage your hands with olive oil before placing them in acetone.

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