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How to Apply Press on Nails?

by July Nails 13 Dec 2022

Press-on nails are those artificial nails that you can fix on your natural nails with the help of glue or adhesive stickers. The nails are easy to use and the application process of these is also simple. You can apply them by just following some of the steps in correct manner.

Following a proper procedure of application is important so that your natural nails do not get damaged. By doing so you are ready with beautiful looking nails in just little time and your real nails would also stay healthy.

How to Apply Press on Nails

What Is Press On Nails?

To know about the steps of applying press-on acrylic nails, first, you need to know what these are. The press on nails is somewhat similar to the salon, like acrylic nails. The nails can be done within minutes just by using glue or adhesive stickers and give you the look of salon-like nails.

These come in different shapes, which may be round, oval, almond, square, and many more. Also, the designs and styles are available in a huge variety. So, if you don't have the time to go to the salon and get a good manicure, you can go for them to make your nails and hands look beautiful.

You don't need much time to do the nails. This can be a great option even if you are traveling and want to get amazing-looking nails. Using this gives a high-quality appearance and is not much expensive.

Steps To Apply Press on Nails


  • Choose Right Size
Picking the right size of press on nails with acrylic is the first and foremost step. There are various sizes of these nails; some are too big, some are too small, and some are just perfect. Some brands write numbers on the nail back to represent the size.

The largest nails, which are for the thumb, are reflected by the number 0, and the smallest nails, for little fingers, are represented as 11 and 12. So it’s one of the important things to do as when you know the right size, only then can you apply them correctly.


  • Cleanse First
To apply the false nails correctly and put those in good condition, your real nails must be cleaned properly. Excessively dehydrated or too moisturized nails both are not good for fake nails. Before applying these, first, push back your cuticles and then remove any excess moisture over your nails.

As per experts removing extra oil from your real nails would make your fake nails last longer and keep them in better condition. But keep this in mind that it does not dehydrate your nails in the process of removing the excess moisture.


  • Go For Glue
There are several kinds of long press-on nails; some come up with double-sided tape or adhesive stickers. These solutions are appropriate only when you want fake nails for a short time period. If you want your fake nails to stay longer, make use of glue.

In case you think that the glue would harm your real nails, then make sure that you are applying the glue in the right manner. Apply the glue on the base of the artificial nail and some on the tip of your real nail.

This way, your original nails would stay safe, and press-on nails would stay longer. These can stay for up to two weeks if applied properly.


  • Apply At an Angle

While applying the nails, it’s also important that you look for the right angle also. Take the nail to your cuticle line and then apply the nail at an angle in a downward direction. Then put some pressure at the center of the nail and keep it pressed for about 10 seconds. Thus you are done with the main step of applying the press to nails.


  • File At Last
If you want that your press-on nails give a natural look, then try shaping these. But don’t do the filing as soon as you apply these nails; rather, wait until you are done with the whole application process; once it is done, file and shape the sidewalls of the nails.

When you contour your fake nails properly, this will surely give them a super natural look. So always add this step into your application process for having an amazing-looking nail.


  • Easy Removal
As much as it is important to know about the application process, it is also important to keno about its removal process. Properly removing the nails would be helpful in keeping your real nails healthy and does not cause any harm.
In case you have used adhesive tape, then you can simply remove the nails by putting the nails into warm water and some oil. If you applied your nails with glue, simply put an acetone-based remover in a small bowl and put your nails into it for about 10 minutes.

In these ways, you can easily remove your nails without any hostel. So make sure that you are using the right process for removal also.

How Long Can You Wear Press On Nails?

The press-on nails come up with adhesive stickers and nails glue for sticking on. The longevity of these nails is based on these different methods. Basically, the nails with the stickers stay for about 3-5 days, and with glue, these can last up to two weeks and are cared for properly.

This also depends on how careful you are with these nails. When you put your nails less in water, then these will last more than the expected time period.
On the other hand, if you work more in water, these can take off within no time. So also consider taking care of this thing for having them for a longer time period.

Final Words

After knowing about the steps of applying press on nails, you can use them very easily. You need to be careful while using the nails as they can cause harm to your natural nails when not applied correctly.

That’s why it’s important that you follow the basic steps carefully and then use them. Also, applying ensures you know how to remove them properly. Thus this can be a great option when used perfectly.

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